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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of projects can S & S Contractors, LLC. do?

 We work mostly with Commercial and Industrial markets serving as a General Contractor, but serve six main markets. We are always open to new projects, so call us anytime to discuss your next venture. 

  • Does S & S Contractors, LLC. work as a subcontractor or a general contractor?

 We can and will work as both a subcontractor and general contractor. We prefer to be your General Contractor of choice, but we can always work as your sub. Regardless of the role we serve, we will bring the same excellence and precision to every job site.

  • I see you are headquartered in Kentucky, does S & S Contractors, LLC. only work in its home state or can you perform work in all 50 states?

 We can work all across the United States.

  • How does S & S Contractors, LLC. handle the various permit processes that are needed for a construction project?

 We visit all the appropriate agencies to submit the required documents for any permits that are needed for work on your project.

  • If I have questions about my project, who should I contact?

 Any of our management staff will be happy to take your questions and assist you through your project's build process. For specific job site questions, you may be directed to the On-Site Project Manager.

  • What is a typical timeline for a construction project? How closely do you stay to pre-set timelines and budgets?

 Once a timeline is established, we always do our best to stay with it, but each project and jobsite is different, so there could be exceptions.

  • Why should I work with S & S Contractors, LLC.?

  Our experience in the industry sets us apart from others in this business. We take pride in using the latest technology and practices to do the job efficiently and accurately. Our staff becomes committed to your project once you select us and our entire team will strive to go above and beyond to exceed our clients' expectations.

  • How do I become a subcontractor for S & S Contractors, LLC.?

 Just give us a call to discuss the partnership.

  • This is my first large construction project, how can I make sure everything is going according to plan while working with S & S Contractors, LLC.?

  Before the project is started, we will discuss how often you want to meet about the progress of work. We also can provide daily, weekly, or monthly progress to suit your needs.

  • What is your specialty as a business?

 We have extensive knowledge and experience working with large scale warehouses and distilleries.

  • Safety is very important to me, is S & S Contractors, LLC. up-to-date on all required OSHA Certifications?

 Yes, we are. Just ask us for our OSHA records or any safety programs we have in place. We are always happy to discuss how we make safety our main priority each day.

  • If my company wants to do a site visit to view our project's progress, is that allowed? Will there be a guide to assist me?

 Yes, you can visit the job site. To provide the safest experience possible, one of our project managers will assist you in your visit.

  • Does S & S Contractors, LLC. take any extra precautions regarding environmental preservation or practice "green" construction?

 Yes. We understand that environmental care is extremely important and while discussing the preparation of your project, we can provide all the specific measures that will be taken.

  • Does S & S Contractors, LLC. build houses, or is the company strictly commercial?

 We serve as strictly a commercial contractor.


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