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Woman's Business Enterprise Certification

Serenna Ashley
President & Majority Owner of
S & S Contractors, LLC.

In 2018, S & S Contractors, LLC. proudly announced that our business would now be functioning and serving our clients as a Woman's Business Enterprise (WBE) Certified company.

President and Majority Owner of S & S Contractors, LLC. Serenna Ashley is a critical component to the success of our company and through her guidance, we can only imagine how bright our future will continue to be. Her commitment and involvement with daily tasks, are phenomenal strengths and only increase our overall quality and precision.

We have underwent vigorous processes to become WBE Certified because here at S & S Contractors, LLC. we understand and respect the importance of diversity in the workplace, and the Construction Industry as a whole.

Serenna cares about the client base of S & S Contractors, LLC., both present and future, and looks forward to the new opportunities this structural evolution will soon create for our employees, subcontractors, and company as a whole. 

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